ShareholderApp believes investors should only have to visit one destination to undertake any activity, administration or research related to their investment in a public company. 

We have built a mobile application that brings together all key investor activities and information, including:

Your investors no longer need to visit multiple destinations to manage and monitor their investment.

For the first time, your investors can catch up on company news, attend a shareholder meeting, cast votes, check the share price, and manage their investment – all from a single mobile application that carries your company brand.

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Transition Smoothly to a Virtual Shareholder Meeting

Has your company been waiting for a smooth transition to a Virtual Shareholder Meeting?

Have you been looking to give your shareholders a Virtual Meeting option?

This is the solution.

Your very own company-branded mobile app is a logical home for your Virtual Shareholder Meeting.

Available to companies listed on:

Your company’s new mobile app

Your very own company-branded mobile app will be available in both iOS and Android format in a matter of weeks and will contain the following features and content.

Company News@3x.png

Company News

This section contains a copy of all news releases issued by your company. The announcements are uploaded automatically and accompanied by a Notification Alert.

SEC Filings@3x.png

SEC Filings

A copy of all SEC filings issued by your company. The filings are uploaded automatically and can be accompanied by a Notification Alert.

Presentations and Documents@3x.png

Presentations and Documents

Contains all collateral related to your company’s Investor Communication program, such as Quarterly and Annual Reports, Investor Presentations, AGM Addresses, Proxy Statements and even Corporate Videos.

Charts and Trading@3x.png

Charts and Trading

Fifteen-minute delayed share price information, as well as deeper trading data portrayed in charts and graphs.

Latest Messages@3x.png

Latest Messages

You can now send messages directly to your shareholders’ mobile handset. A unique 100-character message service.

Manage Your Holding@3x.png

Manage Your Holding

This section automatically links to information maintained by your Stock Transfer Agent. Investors can administer and check information such as balance of their holding, payment and divided history, share transfers and any other transactions.

Investor Information@3x.png

Investor Information

A short description of your company as well as key contact information.

Shareholder Meetings@3x.png

Shareholder Meetings

This is the entry point for your company’s Virtual Shareholder Meeting. Read here about how a Virtual Shareholder Meeting can deliver cost savings while improving investor engagement.

customer care icon.png

Customer Care

Customer service software that enables the end-user to report any technical issues

Our One-Destination Approach

ShareholderApp makes life easier for Issuers and Investors. Currently, public company investors must visit an assortment of online and offline destinations to manage their investment.

For example, investors visit one platform to check a company’s share price and read company news. They also visit a separate Transfer Agent platform for information related to their specific holding. Then once a year - and sometimes more – investors are asked to travel to a separate location to attend a physical shareholder meeting. And if attending the meeting is not possible, they are asked to complete and return a Proxy Voting Form.

In short, managing even just one public company investment can be time-consuming and inefficient.

As an Issuer, you can end this unwieldy process for your Investors.

ShareholderApp’s mobile application enables investors to undertake all these activities at one destination. From now on they will simply visit your company-branded and customized mobile application. Any activity related to their investment is only ever one click away.


Why does my company need this mobile app?



Moving to a Virtual Shareholder Meeting will deliver significant cost savings.

Broaden Engagement

It is now Best Practice for larger cap businesses to add a Virtual option to their Annual General Meeting. This hybrid model dramatically increases the number of shareholders participating in your Annual Meeting.

ONE Destination

You are making life easier for your shareholders. You are simplifying the relationship with them by putting all investor related activities and information at one destination.


You can send a message to your shareholders via their mobile handset. Could be company news or simply reminding them of your AGM date – you can literally reach out to your shareholders one-to-one whenever something important is happening across your business. Makes sense to take advantage of the significant role that cell phones play in the lives of your shareholders.

better connection

This is an app that will engage with your investors 365 days a year. For the very first time, your investors can catch up on company news, attend a shareholder meeting, cast votes, check the share price, and manage their investment – all from a single destination.


Adding a Virtual Shareholder Meeting to your communication offering is simple. ShareholderApp’s meeting partner, Lumi Global, will manage the transition from Physical to Virtual meeting, including liaison with your Stock Transfer Agent.

Remote attendance

Make life easier for your Directors, particularly those with multiple Board positions.

HAPPier INstitutions

Make life easier for your Institutional investors, who can now attend your shareholder meetings from their desk.

Internal stakeholders

This product is not just valuable to investors. The product will be loved by your Board, senior executives and employees who will now only be one-click away from all key company information. And of course, in many cases they are also shareholders.

external stakeholders

This is also a great product for anyone following your company – media, brokers, fund managers and researchers.


You are moving into the modern age of investor relations, which will deliver better stakeholder relationships, cost-savings and a more professional presentation of your important investor information.


Developing your own app in-house is costly and inefficient. ShareholderApp is a turnkey application that can be customized and branded for your business and available in the App stores within a matter of weeks.

How will Investors benefit from this solution?



Your mobile app makes life easier for shareholders who know that anything to do with their investment in your company now happens inside this mobile app. Everything is just one click away.

Direct Communication

Shareholders also know that you will send a message directly to their handset whenever anything important is happening, such as a dividend payment, an upcoming meeting or even a new appointment or acquisition.

Virtual Shareholder Meetings

Investors no longer need to travel to a meeting venue to attend your shareholder meetings. Virtual Shareholder Meetings are especially convenient for institutional investors and retail investors with multiple share investments.

More Comfortable

For many Investors, a Virtual Meeting offers a more comfortable environment in which to participate, particularly when it comes to the Q&A session.

Single platform investment management

This is a product of significance for investors in multiple stocks, who will no longer have to keep track of the various stock transfer platforms or visit various destinations for news and price information. All information and activity are now only a single click away, with your mobile app now the single-entry point for all investor-related activities.


Why move to a Virtual
Shareholder Meeting?

Hundreds of public companies throughout the world have already moved their shareholder meetings to a Virtual environment.

Similarly, companies with larger shareholder bases have added a virtual option to their traditional AGM to ensure more people can attend and engage with the board.

In the US alone, several hundred companies are reducing their costs and broadening accessibility by moving their Annual General Meeting to a Virtual platform.

ShareholderApp believes many public companies have been waiting for a simple solution that will enable them to transition smoothly to a Virtual Shareholder Meeting.

This is the solution. Your very own company-branded mobile app is a logical home not only for your Virtual Shareholder Meeting but for all investor-related activities, administration and communication.

And it is not a difficult process. Lumi Global will manage all key operational aspects required to move your shareholder meeting to a virtual environment, including liaison with your Stock Transfer Agent.

Public companies are choosing to shift their shareholder meetings to a Virtual or Hybrid environment for a variety of reasons:

  • Take advantage of significant cost savings.

  • Reduce the time and resources required internally to host a physical shareholder meeting.

  • The desire to minimize risk by hosting a more predictable and professional shareholder meeting.

  • Broaden accessibility. Let more people attend your meeting.

  • More convenient for both participants and attendees. No need to be in the room, you can attend the meeting from anywhere in the world.


Lumi Global is ShareholderApp’s Virtual Shareholder Meeting partner.

Lumi is the power behind many of the digital advancements being made in the world of public company shareholder meetings.

Its technology is transforming shareholder meetings by reducing costs, broadening engagement, increasing transparency and delivering a more controlled, predictable meeting.

Key features of the Lumi Virtual AGM product include attendee authentication, streamlined voting, moderated Q&A session, integrated webcasting of meeting presentations and speeches, as well as real time attendance reports and voting results.

Lumi’s technology caters for both fully Virtual and Hybrid meetings. You can choose to transition completely to a Virtual meeting, or simply enhance your existing physical meeting with a Virtual component.

Lumi has relationships with most of the world’s leading Transfer Agents, including Computershare, Equiniti, Wells Fargo, Link and BoardRoom.


Choose Virtual or Hybrid Meetings

Listed companies can choose to completely replace their physical meeting with a Virtual Shareholder Meeting, or they can add a Virtual component to their existing meeting in what is a hybrid model favored by many larger cap companies.



ShareholderApp has a tiered pricing model which is linked to the size of your investor base. We’d love the opportunity to give you some pricing information. Please inquire by filling out the form below.

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